Victorian Bathroom Decor – What did Victorians have in their bathrooms and how you can get the look

Would you like to have a Victorian bathroom? Despite the minimalistic trend of today, Victorian bathrooms are still very popular, mostly because the design style is warm, cozy, perhaps a little cluttered but inviting all the same!

Victorian bathroom history

Bathrooms were actually not very common in Victorian times, especially among the poor. Running water was an issue and therefore there was only a limited amount of piped water. The flush toilet was only patented in 1778 in England and flush toilets with piped water and flush toilets available to the majority of the population in the early 1900’s.

Grand Victorian homes eventually featured elaborately decorated porcelain toilets in their bathrooms. Earlier cisterns were supported on cast iron brackets and usually had wooden pull on a chain, and it was popular to encase them in an oak or mahogany box. Toilet seats were usually made of oak or mahogany.  Before bathrooms were common, the lady or master of a grand house would typically bath in their bedroom, waiting for the servants to bring hot water upstairs.  They would also have a wash-stand with a porcelain jug and bowl for washing in their bed chamber.

Victorian bathroom decor ideas – get the look.

It’s not difficult to get the look and thankfully, these days, we don’t have wait for a maid or servant to heat up and fill our baths for us! Just these few Victorian accessories can transform your bathroom from the ordinary to something your guests will ooh and aah over.

– Buy a free standing slipper bath, a claw and ball feet bath or best of all, a copper bath tub to create the perfect bath and also the perfect feature. Victorians often used to encase the bath in wood to create a furniture item out of the tub. Click on the images to get an idea of pricing.

– Dark, floral wallpaper and drapes. If your bathroom is on the small side, paper only one or two walls as part of the theme, which will create the mood, but won’t close in on you. Dark, voluptuous drapes in a dark red or green velvet will add to the ambiance.  Click on the image to get an idea of prices for this type of wallpaper.

– Buy a wash stand with a porcelain jug and bowl, which is how the Victorians used to wash before running, piped water was available. It creates a great feature but if you don’t have the space, consider buying an elaborate wrought iron wash stand and basin to compliment your Victorian bathroom.

Victorian bathroom decor   Victorian porcelain pot

– Victorians, as mentioned earlier, didn’t have flush toilets. So, they relied on chamber pots, with not-so-fortunate maids left to empty out the “slops” in the morning. Fortunately, time has moved on and it’s just a question these days of finding a “Victorian look” toilet.

To finish off your Victorian bathroom, look at adding relevant accessories, such as towel racks, toothbrush holders, toilet roll holders, soap dishes, towel hooks, elegant and classical lighting.  Don’t forget to add beautiful room fragrances, fresh flowers, hand-made soaps, pictures and even plants to add the finishing touches.