Victorian Paper Dolls – An Inexpensive Gift for Girls

Victorian Mother and Girls

Although it is easy and fun to design Victorian paper cut out dolls yourself, this can be a time consuming hobby.

Paper dolls have been popular for centuries, with elaborate, boxed, hand-made sets sold in the 19th century, to bound books which were printed and sold in later years.  Paper dress up dolls were popular in the Victorian era and were used by both rich and poor Victorians.

Rich Victorian kids would have real, porcelain dolls in addition to paper craft cut out dolls. A dolls house was almost standard in the nursery of wealthier children.

Once paper dolls began to be manufactured, even poorer children in Victorian times could benefit from having something inexpensive to play with, in the rare times they might have time or money to spend, outside of their work day.

Free Cut-Out Templates

Victorian paper dresses
Victorian lady cut out doll
Victorian paper doll
Victorian paper doll
Victorian Cut Outs